Megan Rowan

Charlotte dog club provided an amazing experience for my dog adoption process. It was smooth and easy and I found my forever friend. I’m so happy with the service they provided me. They answered all my questions and gave me peace of mind as I adopted my puppy.

Jessie Salisbury

We just picked up our mini goldendoodle puppy Stella Rose (formerly Rhonda) from the Charlotte Dog Club today! So far, we’ve been incredibly pleased with how responsive they’ve been to all of our (many lol) questions and how seamless the whole adoption experience has been! Thank you CDC for helping us complete our family ❤🐕

Kevin Lingard

We collected our puppy Martin just over 2 weeks ago. He is a beautiful Mini Golden-doodle. He has a fantastic temperament and personality. We chose Charlotte Dog Club on the recommendation of some friends who had got their puppy from them. Obviously during Covid 19 the situation is different to normal but our collection process was handled with very professionally, he was obviously very well looked after and in a happy place. We took him to our own vets a few days after collecting Martin, his first comment was “You’ve got a fit one there”. He went on to comment that all the medications noted on our collection form were top of the range, exactly as he would have prescribed. Charlotte Dog Club called us several times both before and after collection. I would highly recommend CDC to anyone looking to add a puppy to their family.

Josh Tiven

We had a smooth and easy experience getting our Bernadoodle from Charlotte Dog Club! We are from out of state so we were a little leery about whether or not this was a legit company, and our fears were put to rest right away. They were very responsive to questions and super professional. We used their “flight nanny” option to transport our puppy to us, and it was a seamless process. They provided great information to best care for our new pup as well. I would definitely recommend Charlotte Dog Club!

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